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How to Make Free YouTube Channel Art 2560×1440 And Thumbnail

How to Make Free YouTube Channel Art 2560×1440 and thumbnail for gaming channel, technology channel, dramas channel, cartoons channel, tips and tricks channel etc you will learn here how to make YouTube channel art and thumbnail we will provide you psd template to make YouTube channel art. If your channel art is attractive your users will be subscribe your channel and this is the main thing to get subscribes by providing attractive channel art to your YouTube channel this is the step to make your channel level up using amazing channel art and video thumbnails. There are lots of website are providing free youtube channel art and youtube custom thumbnail maker or generator available online but i will tell you a great way to make YouTube thumbnail and YouTube channel art by yourself using Adobe Photoshop moreover you can make youtube thumbnails using mobile phone if you are going to make YouTube channel art and YouTube thumbnail on computer then you must have videos on YouTube or you can learn on How To Make Videos For YouTube Channel Adobe Photoshop this is the software that is use to make graphics moreover you can edit graphics by using this software that is available free of cost trail version.

How To make Free YouTube Channel Art 2560×1440

Yes of course you can make free YouTube attractive channel art size 2560×1440 by using your own computer this is too much easy to make a YouTube channel art you have to download Adobe Photoshop software download and install it in your computer. To make YouTube channel art you have to follow below steps i am going to make channel art for health channel you can make any type of channel art just follow me.

1. After installing the Photoshop in your computer then download YouTube channel art psd template and open it in your Adobe Photoshop.

2. Now you have to go on google write your niche related for example i am going to make YouTube channel art for health channel i will search for nurse PNG image that will suite on your channel.

3. Then you can see i have already added a bricks background you can change this background as you want.

Channel Art Back Ground For YouTube channel to make a channel art

4. After this i drag downloaded png image on my YouTube channel art window and i will adjust this png as i adjusted you can see.

Adjust Image by using transform command in Adobe Photoshop 7.0 while creating channel art for YouTube

5. Then you have to write some text about your YouTube channel as i written Health Videos For All you can write as you want.

Write Something on your YouTube channel art

6. if you want to add logo on your channel art then you can fix your logo by importing as png in adobe and drag logo in psd template window and adjust it.

7. Congratulations you have successfully make your free YouTube channel art with the size of 2560x 1440.

How To Make Your Own Thumbnails For YouTube videos

Obviously you can make your own thumbnail for YouTube videos on your computer by using Photoshop moreover you can make these thumbnails online. If your video has attractive thumbnail then the chances to rank your video easily.

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Method to make thumbnail for YouTube video using Adobe Photoshop

Just follow my below steps to make thumbnail for Your YouTube Channel.

1. Open Adobe Photoshop and press short key from keyboard “Ctrl+N” or click on “File” tab and then click on “New”.

2. Now write size in width box 1280 and in height box write 720 this size will be 1280×720 and click on “Ok” button.

3. After this give gradient color to your new blank image as i give you can see.

4. Then write any thing as i am going to write “How To Make Thumbnails For YouTube”.

5. Now i will draw a square shape using black color behind the title layer.

6. Finally i have successfully made the YouTube Thumbnail for videos you can see below.

I hope you have learn something to make a decent thumbnail by easy method if you face any problem you can comment me on comment box moreover you have knowledge How To Get An RSS Feed For YouTube Channel stay tuned for upcoming my tips and tricks for you.

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