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How To Write A Blog Post People Actually Want To Read?

Write a blog post which people actually want to read is very important but it is difficult.

But I will tell you how to do it.

Have you ever wondered and observed that what great and popular bloggers do that you don’t know how to do it?

Knowing how to be a great blogger which storytellers to engage the readers is one of the most effective blog writing techniques which you can learn.

Are you tired of writing long and long content that no one is coming for reading? Well if you follow these 7 steps then people will start reading and sharing your content.

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Step #1: Write the words “you” and “I”. It makes the reader to feel like you are having a real conversation with them, which causes an excitement them to read more. Well, if you use these both words then people will be stuck in your conversation.

Let me explain you in reality with an example. Suppose when you talk to your friends or relatives face to face, you enjoy and keep talking to them without getting distracted somewhere else.

Do you know by distraction what I meant?

Think about it,  you know the answer but you are not able to capture the reason.

Distraction meant you are not enjoying the conversation and he is not talking about which topic you want to talk. He is talking something else and when you will not enjoy the conversation then what are you going to do?

Of course, you are going to run away.

Yeah! This is the point which most of the people can’t capture and can’t become a successful blogger.

So, you have to use both of these words. So that people can’t distract from you and keep reading your articles and visiting your website. If you want to see these word used in an article then check it out 4 reasons why your website isn’t making you any money:(updated 2018)

Read that full article because I haven’t highlighted these words, then you will come to know how to use these words.

I am using “I” and “you” words in this article too and you are not getting distracted. See the magic of these words.

Step #2: Your paragraph shouldn’t be more than 5 lines. Long paragraphs seem boring and discourage people and 5 lines paragraph will look like a mountain to climb on and they will not read your article and exit your page and go to another page.

People can’t read that much, this is too much boring. As you know technology is growing at a greater pace and people use technology in every work whether they have to eat food or buy something. They won’t go outside of the house to eat food, they will order it.

Same as in the case of buying something, they will not go to a showroom, they will order online.

So, never use a paragraph of 5 lines. You will lose your audience.

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Step #3: Use sub-headings. Sub-headings make your content easier to read and understand.

Write a sub-heading and then 5 lines paragraph under it and then again sub-heading. It will help users to identify your content and would like to visit again.

But there is again 1 difference between you and great bloggers they know how to tell stories with their sub-headings properly. This helps to encourage readers by drawing them into your blog content.

Step #4: Always write the conclusion at the end of your post, last sub-heading. So, when people will come at last after reading your content then they will read the conclusion and after reading conclusion they will go by keeping all things of the post in mind and won’t forget.

Writing a conclusion is like freshing your old school memories when your teacher suggests you to write conclusion at the end. So, that people can remember all the points at last, like revision.

And do you know many people first scroll down the page and read the conclusion and then read the full article because after reading conclusion they come to know about which topic this article is related?

“Conclusion is a quick revision of the article “

Step #5: Tell your facts. When you use facts, don’t forget to tell them. If you don’t you will not build honesty, which means your readers will not trust you.

Use some images if you did something cool.

For ex. if you write articles about SEO then make sure you use an image or reports in which your website is ranking on Google’s 1st page. Then readers will believe you and will think you are an expert in SEO and then they will start reading your articles and stick to them.

Step #6: Use images, gif, infographics and one video, it will increase the time of the user on your page. Many popular bloggers say that images describe 1000 words and by using images, gif, infographics and video people will enjoy your article because reading only text will feel boring to them.

Step #7: This is the most important thing to note on a paper that you have to write thoroughly and actionable content. Your content must be that much deep. So that people say oh! I got complete information for which I was looking for on search engine.

People will gain value from your article/blog and if they got something for what they were looking for then they will definitely come back to your website or blog.

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