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Why Is Social Bookmarks Submission Is Important For The Seo?

Submission to Social Bookmarks sites is becoming equivalent to the search engines, where they are updated by a person who would like to share with the world some of the popular sites and the content in them.The big question is this that how do these sites operate.If we take an example from the real world like there is a boy named Justin who visits a particular store and he is pretty much satisfied with the store , then he visits a bookmarking site and adds a link against its name, now  this list can also be published for the public to review the experience of Justin with the store.In this manner bookmarkin sites are updated daily. Don’t forget to watch backlinks because It`is important for SEO.

First thing that we do is to create a Username (this username acts as the URL) and an email-id where you can receive mails from the social bookmark submission and also where you would submit your Bookmarks. Then we would set a display photo for your profile and details of the link and then add them to media sites, and optimize it and submit it to the Social Bookmarks. And in the end merge and link all the social bookmarks you have to each other for quicker sharing and networking.

Some common FAQ’s on Social Bookmarks submission

Q.1 Do we get good traffic on Social Bookmarks Submission sites?

Ans: The answer is of course yes. Such sites are very much in demand and thus get lot of traffic. So if you want decent amount of traffic in your site then all you need to do is to submit your site frequently to such sites which in turn is very much advantages to you.

Q.2 Is the submission of bookmarks a manual process?

Ans: Yes, all the submission that we do is manual.Social Bookmarks Submission sites ask for the user to register on their sites before they submit anything leaving out any chances for the submission of spam.And the submission is done after the content is reviewed according to the guidelines provided.

Q.3 Will I get to know where my site is bookmarked?

Ans: Yes of course, you will be notified of the Social Bookmarks Submission websites where you website is submitted.

Q.4 Can I bookmark my website by using my own tags?

Ans:.Yes! You can tag your own website when submitting it to Social Bookmarks Submission sites.Maximum number of tags that you can provide is 5.

Q.5 How to find out if my Bookmark is submitted or not?

Ans: After we have submitted the site then we will send you a notification along with the details of you account, so you can check for yourself.

Q.6 How does submission to Social Bookmarks effects my rank in the Search Engines?

Ans After your website is submitted, you will for yourself notice the difference in the ranks in all the popular search engines.

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