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Why are Buyer Personas Important?

Buyer personas are models of actual or desired customers created from demographic research to determine what types of people would be most likely to become part of your sales funnel or follow your marketing path toward your desired goal, whether that goal is the acquisition of viable leads or increasing your visitor-to-purchaser conversion rates.  A fictitious name, life circumstances, and basic habits are created to establish the persona, and the lifestyle choices and habits are culled from the choices and habits of the target demographic as a whole.

You may have heard it said many times over that buyer personas are important for marketing purposes.  They can be a valuable tool when designing your marketing campaigns, evaluating the effectiveness of your strategies, and assisting your sales and marketing team in directing their efforts toward the most efficient tactics.  These are generalities, however, when determining the importance of buyer personas.  Why then, specifically, are buyer personas so important in marketing?

Greater Insight Into Buyer Motivations & Behaviors:

A buyer persona, when developed with thorough research, can help you gain a much deeper and more insightful understanding into the motivations and behaviors of buyers.  What moves them to make the purchasing decisions they do?  Are some factors weightier than others?  Do things like geographic location, seasonality, and political positioning play a role in motivating buyers?

Redefining Sales Strategies to Evolve With Buyer Habits:

The myriad reasons involved in what makes a person decide on a particular product, service, idea, or brand when making purchasing decisions is a dynamic that is sometimes little understood.  By constantly researching these reasons and revamping personas to match current buying trends, you are able to constantly tweak your sales strategies to keep pace with the ebb and flow of ever-changing buyer habits.

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Enabling Identification of the Target Buyer:

When you perform exhaustive research into who your target buyer should be, you actually learn how to better identify who they really are.  Knowing the identity of your target audience lets you streamline your marketing campaigns in a way that maximizes the effectiveness of your efforts.

Discovery of Buyer Goals:

When all is said and done, the true motivation for buyer behavior is to accomplish a goal.  This goal may be professional, personal, or motivated by some other unknown variable, but it is the true foundation of what makes a buyer make a purchasing decision.  Knowing what the buyer hopes to accomplish is vital to knowing how to help them achieve that accomplishment.

Aside from specific reasons, listed here, why buyer personas are important to marketing tactics and strategies, they also provide a wealth of more general benefits that help improve your ability to identify your desired consumers and tailor your advertising campaigns to match the wants and needs of those consumers.

Well-developed buyer personas, however, cannot do the work of your sales and marketing team on their own.  They are simply one more tool in your marketing arsenal, and should be used to maximize your marketing strategies in the most beneficial way.  When you use them effectively, your company will be able to achieve the goals you’ve set for lead generation, profitability, traffic increases, and return on investment in a more powerful way.

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