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3 Twitter Mistakes to Avoid

As far as social media sites go, Twitter is one of the most useful ones for any company with a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy. Twitter is incredibly useful for many different reasons. First, it allows you to interact directly with your customer base, which has a huge number of benefits in itself. Twitter also gives you the opportunity to keep your customers in the know about new content that you’ve released, new promotions, new products and more. To top it all off, Twitter is an excellent way to increase both brand loyalty and brand awareness. However, in order for any of these things to be accomplished, you’ll have to be careful to avoid making some of the more common Twitter mistakes. The following are three Twitter mistakes that will hinder your social media marketing strategy:

Spamming your followers

Companies that don’t understand the true value of Twitter will often make this Twitter mistake. Twitter is meant as a way to communicate with consumers and to keep them informed about topics and information that interests them. It is not for advertising your products or services. Don’t spam your followers by tweeting links to different products or services throughout the day, or by trying to convince your followers to purchase something from your website. The last thing your Twitter followers want is a constant stream of advertisements – this is just spam. Not only will you not be increasing brand loyalty or brand awareness, you may even lose followers due to your practices.

Not responding to followers

Twitter isn’t meant for one-way communication. When followers leave feedback or criticism, you shouldn’t just ignore it in the hopes that it will go away. You would never do this if a customer came into your company’s physical location with a complaint. Remember, they are your customers and good customer service is a sign of a good company. Respond to any feedback or criticism by being friendly and helpful in an attempt to find a solution to any issues. Not only can you actually better your company’s products or services via constructive feedback, you can increase brand loyalty by showing followers that you care about your customers’ opinions.

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Not tweeting regularly

Many companies will sign up to Twitter and think that simply having a Twitter account is enough. It’s not. The whole point of being on Twitter is to tweet your followers. Not tweeting on a regular basis will cause your followers to lose interest in you – and the last thing you want is for them to forget about your brand. You’re not going to improve brand awareness of you’re not present, and you certainly won’t create stronger brand loyalty if what followers you do have forget about you because of your lack of activity. You should tweet on a regular basis – at least every day. Not only that, but you should keep in mind the different time zones and release tweets based on that. This doesn’t mean that you have to sit in front of your computer all day long waiting for the right time to release your tweet. You can actually create all of your tweets ahead of time and then use a tool such as Hootsuite to automatically release them at specific times throughout the week. This ensures that you won’t forget to be active while being as efficient with your time as possible.

There are a lot of Twitter mistakes that you can make that could hurt your social media strategy, but these are three of the biggest ones. Avoid these three Twitter mistakes and you’ll have a much better chance at succeeding what you set out to do, which is to create brand awareness, improve brand loyalty and even generate some leads for your business.

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