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3 Reasons B2B Websites Should Have a Blog

Informative, entertaining blog content is a key element for the success of an inbound marketing campaign. However, many B2B businesses relegate their blogging efforts to external resources such as social media microblogs. While these resources are important for your inbound marketing campaign, they drive traffic to your company’s website in a roundabout way; external resources are filled with distractions and links to other forms of content not directly relevant to your business (or worse, your competitor’s content).

By expanding your B2B blogging efforts to include blog posts on your website, you can expand your influence on the target market. This article will take an in-depth look at three important reasons why all B2B websites should have a blog.

1. It grows your internet presence exponentially

The end goal of many of your inbound marketing efforts are to grow your B2B website’s internet presence. By doing this, you guarantee an increased traffic volume due to enhanced relevance on search engines and more notoriety. Here is how blogging on a B2B website enhances your internet presence:

More linkbacks to your B2B websites

A key element in the result list algorithms of modern search engines is the number of earned linkbacks to your website that are floating around the web. A key note is that they must be organically earned. Engaging in unscrupulous practices, such as paying for linkbacks will result in internet death (the complete removal of your site from search engine results). A well-designed blog earns you linkbacks, because it will draw traffic of all types; this is important, because people who find your blog informative and entertaining will create linkbacks to your site. At this level, who is visiting your B2B website does not matter, because linkback volume is your only concern here.

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Improved activity level

The constant posting of blogs on B2B websites keeps your page active, enhancing the internet presence of your site and making it more likely to turn up at the top of search engine result lists.

More SEO opportunities

SEO is an important driver of your website’s internet presence. Every blog post on your B2B website is another unique opportunity for you to optimize.

2. Your B2B target market searches the web for information like everybody else

One important fact that B2B businesses tend to forget is that while their consumers are business entities, their employees are real people. This means that they will occasionally search the web for facts and figures to enhance their knowledge, both personal and professional.

By creating blog posts for your B2B websites, you ensure that professionals in search of reliable information become potential sales leads for your B2B business. This is because the blogs are already on your website, so they can continue browsing within the ecosystem that you have created.

Also, providing solid information relevant to your industry, positions your B2B business as a well-versed, experienced industry leader. This enhances the trust that your target market has in your organization’s competency.

3. Each blog post is another opportunity to highlight your company’s pros

A blog post is not just a way to impart internet traffic driving tidbits of information. It is also an excellent way to showcase benefits unique to your company. Any positive features that make your company stand should be highlighted whenever possible; this can be difficult to do within the limited scope of landing, about us, and product or service description pages. B2B website blog posts broaden your ability to do this.

Also, if your company is offering a unique promotion, they you will want to take every possible opportunity to highlight it on your website. You can do this by incorporating promotions into your B2B blog posts.

Blog posts on B2B websites create sales leads

By adding a blog to your B2B websites with these three factors in mind, you can drive traffic to your website, create more sales leads and grow your revenue.

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