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What Is Buyer-Focused Content and How Will Your Salespeople Benefit?

Consumers have changed the game. They’ve transformed the sales process. No longer are they interested in talking to a salesperson right away and being aggressively sold to. Now, they want to be in charge of the process. They want to be thoughtful in their decision making and they want to make informed decisions—not rush to make purchases they might end up regretting. They want to perform research, compare prices and features, and learn more about companies, all on their own, before they purchase anything.

And where are they performing these research activities? Online. Just like you’d turn to Google if you had a problem that you needed to figure out, consumers are now going on the web to come up with solutions to their own problems, needs, and pain points. They’re asking questions on search engines, they’re visiting your website, and they’re going on social media to find the answers and information they seek. And don’t forget about bulk index check

What Is Buyer-Focused Content?

Creating online content that is focused on your products’ features is no longer effective with today’s sales process. Now, you need to concentrate your efforts on buyer-focused content in order to provide answers to your prospects’ questions. If the information you share isn’t buyer focused, your prospects will find their answers elsewhere, namely, on your competitor’s site. Buyer-focused content is all about addressing your buyers’ needs, providing them with solutions to their problems, and differentiating your company from your competitors by showing why your service or product is the best solution by emphasizing the benefits instead of the features.

This type of information needs to be both relevant and engaging in order to attract prospects, which can be difficult to create effectively. You need to know your buyers intimately in order to anticipate their needs, desires, pain, and pressing issues, and you have to come up with great ways to focus on the benefits that they will gain, not the features of your products or services if you want to grab and hold on to their attention. 

Although it can be difficult, creating buyer-focused content is worth it. It can be significantly beneficial to your salespeople. Here are the two most substantial advantages.

It Will Help Attract Better Leads

Your salespeople’s time is extremely valuable. You don’t want them to be wasting hours and days on leads that ultimately won’t buy. They should be spending their time engaging the qualified leads who have a high likelihood of buying your products or services. Utilizing buyer-focused content will help ensure that your pipeline is filled with qualified leads because your social media posts, whitepapers, blog entries, web pages, and other online content will be uniquely created to attract your target audience—your buyer personas. Generic just doesn’t work anymore; it won’t help your salespeople sell. When everything you create and post online is specific to your target audience and their pain points and needs, you can ensure that you’re not attracting the types of people who aren’t likely to purchase from your company. Focusing on your buyer personas can help weed out the unqualified leads.

It Can Help Them Close More Deals

When your salespeople can then nurture those qualified leads using highly targeted messaging that speaks to their specific needs and pain points, they can move their prospects through the sales process, quicker than ever before. They can answer questions prospects might not even have known they had and come up with solutions to their problems that they might not have yet considered. Your salespeople can position your company as a thought leader with valuable and helpful information that helps prospects make informed purchasing decisions. You can then gain trust and start to be known as a reliable and dependable source, so your prospects choose you above your competitors.

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